November 20, 2021 Wayne Sullivan

Pray and Go Kickoff

Pray and Go Kickoff

Good Afternoon Ephesus Family!

Are you excited about our Pray and Go Ministry Kick-Off tomorrow? I trust that you are. Many of you have signed up to go out to pray for our community and hang door hangers on throughout our community. On behalf of the Pray and Go Team, let me express our gratitude for your faithful support. Let me quickly explain how things will go tomorrow afternoon.

1.     Following our Worship Service, bring a bagged lunch to eat in the Fellowship Hall or around our campus and enjoy a time of fellowship, or go grab a quick lunch at home or at a restaurant and return to church by 1:00PM. 

2.     We will have a brief time of training and pairing up of teams. This will include receiving your maps and/or downloading the APP we will be using to track our coverage. If you would like to download the APP ahead of time simply go to your APP Store and search for the SWAPP APP which stands for Soul Winning APP. Please don’t create an account yet, we will walk you through that tomorrow afternoon. Don’t worry if you can’t use an APP, we will be providing printed copies of maps to each team tomorrow. 

3.     After we have everyone set up and ready to go, we will have a group prayer and be sent out into our community on mission for our Master. We are asking everyone to complete as many homes in their assigned map within a 45-50 minute block of time.

4.     When you are done, please make your way back to the Fellowship Hall for a time of debriefing and celebration. We hope that we will be wrapping things up around 3PM. It is exciting to think that with everyone’s support we can cover dozens of home with prayer tomorrow afternoon. 

5.     If you are not physically able to go out and walk to hang door hangers, please know that you can participate too. There are three ways that you can possibly contribute:

a.     You can gather with others at the church to spend the time praying for those who are going out and for the homes in our community that will be impacted tomorrow. 

b.     You can pair up in teams to simply drive around the community and cover the area and the others in prayer. 

c.     You can go out with a team and ride with them, praying along the way. 

I hope you will all be able to participate in this exercise of faith as we ask God to move in our community and throughout our church. Our Pray and Go Team is excited to put their hard work and hours of prayer into your hands and feet so that we can accomplish the Lord’s will together as His family!

I look forward to seeing you all in the morning! It is going to be a great day! 

Joyfully His, 

Pastor Wayne