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1 Corinthians | Sermon 1: Living Faithfully In A Messed Up World! | Acts 18:1-11 | 05/02/2021

Join us this and every Sunday morning @ 10am as we worship our Risen Christ! We offer a variety of ways you can worship with us! You can worship in-person, in our parking lot via 87.9FM, or via our LiveStream on YouTube. Please note that the first 10 minutes of the LiveStream are announcement and pre-service elements. Follow along as we begin our new sermon series, 

"1 Corinthians: Living Faithfully In A Messed Up World!" 

Pastor Wayne Sullivan will undertake an exposition of the 1st Epistle to the Church of Corinth. Our sermon from Acts 18:1-11 is titled, "Living Faithfully In A Messed Up World!" Pastor Wayne will help us understand the foundational historical underpinnings of God's work in a Corinthian culture. 

The question of 1 Corinthians is simply this: “How in the world is God going to do a work in a place like this and a culture like ours?” 

At Ephesus Baptist Church, we believe in the authority and sufficiency of the Word of God. We hope you enjoy our service. 

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May Christ be glorified!